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Moreau Gallery was founded by NH native and lifelong artist Paul Moreau. We offer a modern and efficient approach to showcasing the work of our artists by using social media in tandem with what we like to think of as infinite community wall space- When an artist joins our gallery, not only does their work gain an immediate spotlight online with our Instagram and Facebook following, but they are also brought onboard our large network of participating restaurants and other small businesses to have their work professionally presented and highlighted for sale as part of our esteemed gallery collection all over the surrounding community.

Presentation is a big key to the continuing success of our artists, and every physical location in partnership with us has been cooperative in following our own professional display guidelines; It's an easy sell because after all, the better your work looks, the better their business looks. All pieces for sale are given a presentation card in order to offer a short bio and piece description, as well as a SKU number for easy, immediate sale via our web site.

We're especially proud of our sale system- Let's say your painting is on the wall next to a booth seat in a local Italian restaurant. A dining couple admires the painting and reads the card while waiting for their food. While eating, they toss around the idea of bringing the piece home, and after a second glass of wine, they're sure. So they go to just like the display card says, and enter the SKU on the painting. In just a minute they are able to pay online, at which point they receive a digital receipt/proof of purchase that allows them to simply take the piece off the wall and leave with it.

We are big on movement, and all works are on a continuous rotating schedule- if an artist's piece doesn't sell after a month at one location, we carefully pack it up and rotate it into a new locale with all of the same care behind the presentation, but for a fresh new set of eyes. Hopefully that does the trick, but if not, we will again rotate the piece to a new location. If there is a potential buyer out there, we pride ourselves on being able to find them.

To that end, all pieces for sale can be found on our web site, as well as in promotions on both Instagram and Facebook. So on top of the real-world exposure, our work is always on display in some fashion for anyone on the hunt for new artwork. We promote our artists on a daily basis, and everyone in our gallery is given a spotlight.

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