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Commissioned Portraits & Pet Portraits 


gallery founder Paul Moreau

"I don't just want to recreate a likeness- I want you to experience total empathy with whoever I'm painting. I want you to know exactly what they are thinking, how they are feeling.. I want to leave you with a moment frozen in time, complete with all of the emotions originally embossed to the scene, as full of life as the day a picture was taken." 

Please see below for pricing on portraits done in charcoal or in oil paint

All prices are per head. 50% is payment is due up front, with the other 50% due upon completion with customer approval of the work. When you place your order, please be ready with the photo you would like to have painted or drawn, as well as a few more backup photos to view (if possible) so we can make sure the artist is working on your best potential composition. Paul will be in touch with you before starting to talk about any specifics.

Portraits (animal and human) done in charcoal:

8x10 __________ $200

11x14 __________ $300

Portraits (animal and human) done in oil paint on canvas:

11x14 __________ $500

12x12 __________ $500

16x20 _________ $800

custom size ____ please inquire

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