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All artists in our gallery are given a minimum of 5 open positions for display, and as many as 10 (one piece = one position) in local businesses and establishments. Our job is to do all we can to show your work to the public in the best possible light, and to make sure your audience has an easy way to end up with your work if interested.

When you join, we request 10-20+ pictures of work that you would like to sell. Work should be publicly-presentable, meaning properly framed, or completely painted on the the sides if gallery wrapped. While we happily accept and promote all artists, we do have a jurying system in place to make sure the viewing public is always seeing the best side of every artist we promote. What this means is we encourage you to show us all of the work you may want to sell, and from there we will accept up to 10 original pieces for public display, with a minimum of 5 as long as we are provided as many. Should your work be truly exception, we will add it to our Jury's Choice collection, to be displayed in some of the finer establishments in the area and receive special attention online.

In addition to public display, all of our artists are promoted on social media via Facebook and Instagram, including a minimum once monthly spotlight for any new work. 

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