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Welcome to the Moreau Gallery! Located in The Galleries at 30 Main at 30 Main St in beautiful Meredith, NH



Marie Kelly

Art and painting are my passions. In the past I have studied with artists Loren Percy and Raleigh Wilkerson, but over time I developed my own style that features an outburst of color and texture on the canvas.


In addition to oils, I enjoy zentangle, which consists of creating repeating patterns, or tangles,  on white paper using a black gel pen. The zen part has been described as yoga for the mind, because it is very relaxing, yet easy enough for anyone to learn. Adults and children alike find it a pleasure creating this kind of art, and I enjoy teaching this unique form of expression.


Gerri Harvey

As a painter, I love nature’s details; the way sunlight touches trees tops, the textures of tree bark and rocks, the dappled reflections of land and sky on water. I see the world in luscious colorful detail, and that is what I paint. My goal is to invite viewers to engage with my landscapes both visually and emotionally and my hope is that this connection will heighten  appreciation for the natural world around us. 


I have been painting for pleasure for over 40 years. Retired from a career as a Registered Nurse, I now devote time each day to painting scenes from around the Lakes Region. Lake Winnipesaukee is one of my favorite subjects, but I also delight in showing you some of the less-noticed but beautiful little corners of New Hampshire. 


More of my work can be viewed online at  and  I welcome your commissions.

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Born and raised in NH, Paul Moreau has always had an affinity for anything related to the arts. He has been selling drawings off and on for most of his life, but truly found his stride in the past few years while working with oil paints. Now the proud owner and curator of Moreau Gallery, Paul continues to produce more paintings than ever while still doing his best to provide a solid public platform for other creative professionals. Check out some of his available work below!


Katie Van Cura

My adventures inspire my paintings. When I am out in nature, among the mountains, there is depth in space and many variations in colors and forms. Every brush stoke feels free and gives me the same sense of freedom as if I was in that space, and I gain a new and hopeful perspective for the world around me in every hike and summit view.

I am an art teacher for both Cantebury and Belmont Elementary School, and love being able to help inspire this same passion for the art all around us in my students and the next generation every day.


Edna Greenfield


Cate Poole

Cate’s watercolors are inspired by years of sailing and hiking in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and her annual visit to Coral Bay in St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Her love for the New Hampshire lakes area began in childhood when she attended Camp Kehonka in Wolfeboro and learned how to sail. Her memories of Lake Winnipesaukee were embedded for life as she visited as often as she could, often staying at the family vacation home in Melvin Village. A few decades later, Cate moved to Wolfeboro and lives there year-round. She is active in the community and belongs to several arts organizations.   

Cate’s watercolor paintings are about capturing the beautiful landscapes of the New Hampshire Lakes Region and the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John, and sharing them with others so that they can be reminded of their own time in these beautiful areas. Cate hopes her images conjure a sense of familiarity, connection, and joy.


View Cate’s full portfolio of work at:

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